Old Meets New - How C.A.D / C.A.M is changing the jewellry (jewellery) industry!

In today's society, where our lives are met with busy schedules with higher expectations in everything we do. How does the jewelry (jewellery) industry meet the higher demands for perfection whilst maintaining quality in products and service provision?

We all want something that stands out, meaningful to the wearer, highlights our character, fashionably cool, with a timeless value but in half the time to manufacture, and equally half the price as well.

How does Finest Diamonds keep up with this growing demand and trend? The answer - Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), 3D Printing with the finishing touches performed by hand crafting from Finest Diamonds' master jeweller. Through the employment of state of the art computer technology, technical precision is hassle-free, so that you can be assured that your jewelry (jewellery) piece is perfect in every way.

This technology advancement allows for Finest Diamonds to provide a more personalised service and guidance to service your needs. Please visit our Bespoke Custom Made page for more information regarding custom tailor made jewelry (jewellery).



Finest Diamonds
GIA Certified Diamond / Gemstones Consultant

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